2 pounds beef bone
2 beef shanks
2 pounds beef sirloin
3 cinnamon sticks
3 star anise
3 nutmegs
3 slices of ginger (about 3 inch each slice)
1 shallot
and 1 empty tea bag

Let’s cook!

1. The beef broth

– Put beef bones into a large pot filled with water. Boil it 5 minutes, then pour all water out, and rinse all beef bones under a tap water

– Put the beef bones back in a pot. Add beef shanks. Fill the pot with 4 lite of water

– Put all cinnamon sticks, star arise, nutmegs and ginger in an empty tea bag. Tie it then place inside the pot.

– Peel shallot skins, cut it in half, then put in the pot as well

-Turn heat on to medium and leave it cook for 3 hours. Make sure to watch the broth every 45 minutes, take a thick “raft” that floats on the top of the stock in order to keep the broth clear

– After 3 hours cooking, Throw away shallot and the bag of spice. Add salt, sugar and fish sauce (optional) to suit your taste.


2. Cook noodle

– Make sure soak noodle in water for about half an hour before cooking.

– Boil water in high heat. Add noodle, stir well (about 5-7 minutes), then pour noodle out. Set noodle to the side to let it dry

3. Serve

– Put noodle, beef slices in a bowl

– Pour the broth on top of the beef (you will see the raw beef slightly change its color to cook)

– Squeeze a bit of lime juice. Serve with basil, bean spout, culantro and some red hot chili slices to add more flavors

“Vietnamese Pho is not just a simple soup –  Beef pho noodle soup is a classic one; in fact I used to  eat Pho for my breakfast, lunch and dinner when i was in fifth grade. I really don’t know why, maybe I was bored of rice and other dishes? Pho can be eaten with different toppings; but my favourite are with rare beef, beef brisket, tripe and an egg with a lot of Sriracha.  Hope you enjoy Pho and let me know how it is :)”