Places you might not know in Toronto

1/ One hour

435 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G6

The first impression is fresh, youthful and warm welcoming with wooden tables and bean bags place around nicely when walking inside One Hour. They serve bubble tea, some main dishes, light snacks, crepes and dessert at affordable prices; no wonder why it always crowded (mostly university students) during the day. I have always been obsessing over the Taiwanese bubble tea drinks, so I always go with red bean matcha green tea slush. Tang Yang and cheesecake IN A JAR are nice signature dishes.


2/ Bun Saigon

252 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON, M5T 2C2


It is not so hard to find, since it locates on a main street. The restaurant is narrow and long, but clean and inviting. The service is also fast and friendly. We  have tried different dishes (duck bamboo shoot vermicelli, steam rice rolls, chicken and rare beef Pho, seafood stir fried noodle, spring rolls, and much more). It’s apparent that everything is prepared on-site. 


3/ K & K Tropical Fruit

298A Spadina Avenue


It is close to the intersection of Dundas and Spadina. The way they display all tropical country fruits so eye-catching that make you just want to grab it all. I usually drop by this kiosk when ever I am in  Chinatown. Sometimes price is cheap, sometimes higher, depend on the market price, but guarantee you will get the best quality fresh fruits in Toronto.


4/ Banh Mi Nguyen Huong

322 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON M5T 2E7

They are so famous that my friends from Montreal have to order 100 Vietnamese baguettes before drive back, especially with a cost of $1.75 for each, why not? I personally love stir fried turnip cake and cow cake at there. Everything is fresh made in the day and under $5.00 (so great for students’ budget), highly recommend it.



5/ Thomas Lavers Cannery & Delicatessen

193 Baldwin St. Toronto Tel: 647-351-1959

Photo: Kimchi Jam - Good Morning!!

It is an unexpected kimchi discovery. If you are kimchi lovers, it is a must to drop by their store at Kensington market. They have a fabulous and tasty kimchi jam that nowhere else has.

Price: Kimchi $7 / Kimchi jam $5

*(I will keep you updated, so stay tuned and check this post often. Next will be Kinton Ramen and Dessert Trends)

4 thoughts on “Places you might not know in Toronto

  1. The cheesecake in a jar sound tasty. My bf and I always drop by the Vietnamese sub place- it’s the best sub we ever ate.

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