Vietnamese condensed milk coffee

      • 2 Tablespoon Sweetened Condensed Milk
      • 3 Tablespoon Ground Coffee


  1. Pour the sweetened condensed milk in a tea-cup. Boil water
  2. Add about 3 table spoons of ground coffee and place into the filter chamber. Place and slightly press the filter press down on top of the coffee you just put.
  3. Pour a bit of hot water to wet the coffee. Wait 20 seconds for the water to sink into the coffee, and then add more water in till it is almost to the top of the filter chamber.
  4. Put the cap on to let the coffee to brew. Wait for coffee drip down (it takes about 3-5 minutes). While waiting, you can read couple pages of a book, or surf internet.
  5.  When it’s all done, stir to combine coffee and condensed milk together
  6. Taste and adjust to preference (if you prefer sweet, add 1 more tsp. sweetened condensed milk)

*You can add ice if you prefer to drink cold

vietnamese brew coffee

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  1. Where do you buy the Coffee filter? I am a coffee lover and it looks easy to make, so deffinitely will give it a try. Thank you for posting.

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