Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge: DAY 4 & 5


Thank you for this challenge. There are so many great food blogs out there and today I have found and followed these new amazing blogs:

Can I have little Tastearoo

Morning stories 


Whistle and Blaster 

Foodie Spy



Hmm…challenge of day 5 is quiet interesting. It really makes me thinking hard about other themes I would try to blog out (although I am happy with my Chopstickspoon food blog).

The first theme I would try is “Do It Yourself – DIY” – I love, love, and love craft. I could spend hundreds of hours to fold Origami & Kirigami, make scrap books, decorate furnitures in-house, play around with washi tapes, create cute little greeting cards, and design old materials to become household tools. Yes, I admit that I am obsessed with doing everything by myself, even my wedding was DIY theme as well…haha

I don’t think I will ever create a blog about “Politic” since I am so bad with it. Although I read newspapers and watch news on TV plus online but blogging about politic requires a thoughtful mind and a sharp look to describe issues…

Finally “Fashion & Beauty” could be another theme I would love to write about too. Just like other young female adults, I love to dress nice like a lady, put make up on and wear different accessories. But I won’t choose to blog about it because shopping is not my strength since I don’t like to wait in a long line or spend hours to look around. I usually walk quickly into the stores, scan a quick look and pay for what I really like then walk out. Also, My favourite beauty make-up Gugu is Michelle Phan. She is also Vietnamese and so artistic about what she is doing. If I ever create a blog about beauty, for sure I will end up write too many posts about her 😀

I had to asked my friend in New irk to order and ship to Canada to me since Em Cosmetic don't ship to international.
I had to asked my friend in New York to order and ship to Canada to me since Em Cosmetic don’t do international shipping.

**Counting down: 25 more days to overcome the 30-Day Blog challenge**

Happy Blogging!!

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