Banana flower is an ingredient commonly used in Vietnamese and Thai cooking and, yes, it comes from growing bananas . It can be eaten raw or steamed, and a great source of vitamins A and C. Raw banana flower has a dry crunchy tacky taste, but when you mix with fish sauce, herbs and cabbage, they all help banana flower taste fresh, juicy and smell great. The banana flower salad recipe can be done in 15-20 minutes; follow me to know how to make it.

Vietnamese Banana Flower Salad


1 ounces Banana Flower

1 ounces Purple Cabbage

Culantro & Coriander leaves

Vietnamese dipping fish sauce

Banana Flower Salad Ingredients


Use mandolin to make banana flower and purple cabbage slices. It will come out about 3-4 inches lengthwise thin strips, looks very nice. If you don’t have mandolin, you can just cut it with knife.

Wash and soak banana flower and cabbage in salted lemon cold water separately for 10 minutes before drain.

Place banana flower and purple cabbage on a serving plate. Garnish with coriander and culantro leaves.

Pour  Vietnamese dipping fish sauce on top and serve as a side dish with fried shrimp chips (optional)


17 thoughts on “VIETNAMESE BANANA FLOWER SALAD ( Gỏi Hoa Chuối)

      1. That’s so sweet of you!! 😉 Oh wow, you live in Toronto?? I was there in July 2012 to get my visa for the US – very recent. just LOVED it! I stayed closed to Chinatown and ate Asian food every day for every meal – I was in heaven! 😉 there is not much good Asian food here in Miami, so it really was a treat. I will definitely let you know should I ever make it there again – would love to! also loved the other areas like the islands, the hippie neighborhood (forgot the name ;-), markets etc.

    1. haha :D, yes, mandolin is one of the kitchen tools cannot be missed out. I see in some Japanese restaurants, they use better machines to make nice carrot and radish super thin-long strips, but mandolin work just fine for most of home chefs 😀

    1. I am living in Toronto, Canada, so I usually find banana flowers at Asian supermarkets. I think most Asian supermarkets would carry it, but if you cannot find one, just simply replace it with artichoke. It tastes similar too. Hope this help 🙂

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