Vietnamese Black Sesame Crepe


2 eggs

1/4 cup all purpose flour

1/4 cup icing sugar

1/4 cup melted unsalted butter

1 tsp. cinnamon (or vanilla extract)

2 tablespoon black sesame



Whisking two eggs in a mixing bowl.


Adding the rest of ingredients into the bowl and whisking well until the mixture become smooth.


Choosing a medium size of non-stick pan and warm up the pan at medium heat. Slowly pour a full spoon of crepe mixture into the non-stick pan, and make sure the layer of crepe is as thin as it can be.


When the edge of the crepe in the pan turn golden brown, flip it upside down to make sure both sides getting golden brown before taking  out to roll.


Using a wooden chopstick to take the crepe out and placing on a clean surface.


Slowly rolling the crepe with that chopstick to make a tube shape.


Repeat the whole process with the rest of crepe mixture. Rest on a cool rack. When the crepe cool down, it will become crispy and tasty.



Happy cooking! Happy blogging!




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