I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay. I think he is a very talented, passionate and generous man in creating beautiful foods. After watching his video clip on Youtube, I decide to try out his delicious recipe, Madeleines, and it turns out so fluffy with light golden brown colour and extremely tasty. The only one thing different in my madeleines are that they only have flavour of creamy butter and lemon zest because I run out of poppy seeds (I know…I really wish I have it so the madeleines will even tastier, but it is okay because I can see myself keep making more and more madeleines in the future. To be honest, in my opinion, madeleines are much easy to handle compare with classic French macarons)

After baking, remove the madeleines from the oven and make sure let it cool for 2 minutes before tapping to let those madeleines off the baking tray. Making madeleines is a new experience for me in baking, but they are my husband’s favourite childhood snack. We have something similar in taste and texture as Madeleines in Vietnam, called Bong Lan cake and you can find it anywhere on the street.  

Here is video and recipe on Gordon’s Youtube site. It is very easy to follow step by step and the final results just fabulous, come out exactly what he shows us. 

Happy Baking! Happy Blogging!


Shortbread Cookies

This recipe is adapted by CANADA Corn Starch via Joyful Jollies cooking blog. I have eaten  a lot of shortbread cookies but this is the best recipe of shortbread I’ve ever made and tasted. It is so easy to handle with only 4 ingredients and couples of kitchen tools

Shortbread recipe from Canada corn starch
[….] 1/2 cup Canada corn starch
1/2 cup icing sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup butter, softened [….]

I use fork to gently press down on top of the dough for making simple design
I use fork to gently press down on top of the dough for making simple design

The cookies come out so fine, smell so good, taste a bit like (edible) sand when eating right away but it becomes even better on the next day. I don’t usually bake so much compare with cooking foods, but after researching the BEST shortbread recipes on the Internet – some recipes don’t need corn starch, other ones need many more ingredients….but come down to it….Grandma’s foods are what I am looking for because it always taste good, so I decide to give it a try.

The first batch of shortbread cookies come out so nice.
The first batch of shortbread cookies come out so nice.

After I mix all ingredients together, I put the dough into a large plastic wrap to make a roll then store in a fridge for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile I pre-heat the oven at 375 degree. I don’t have to spend too much time on rolling the dough out or use cookie cutters to make shapes. I just have to open the plastic wrap, use sharp knife to cut the roll into smaller round shape, place on cookie tray and make some simple design with fork. Here is the result:

Shortbread cookies
You may realize some cookies are gone because I eat them during taking pictures 🙂

Now is your turn to give it a try to this recipe, guarantee you will be successful right at the first time of trying.

Happy Cooking! Happy Blogging!


This recipe was adapted by Artisanbreadinfive. I have to admit that I haven’t made any breads before since it takes too much time to knead dough; for saving time, I used to buy breads at Costco then froze in a freezer and took them out to use whenever I need to. However, the fresh-baked bread is always drive me crazy that make me want to make my own breads. Fortunately, I’ve found the Brioche dough recipe (here) and decided to give a try.

Mini Brioche Breads in Muffin Cups

I followed instructions, mixed the dough and stored in the fridge for 1 day before using it. It was such a cool feeling when touching the soft, moist and not too buttery texture of dough. I made long dough sticks and cut into small cubes before placing into 12 muffin cups, then I covered and let the dough rest for 1 hour. (you will see it raise almost double its size)

Mini brioche breads (before)

Then I placed the muffin tray in the oven that I pre-heated at 450 degree. Taking the muffin tray out, waiting until those mini breads (in muffin cups) cool down a bit and then make a BIG BITE…yumm…Those mini breads are not only cute but they are tasty too – taste like sweet breads but not too sweet and easy to eat with anything such as pâté, butter, cinnamon sugar, etc.

Mini Brioche Breads (after baked)
I mix some with chives and other ones with cheese before baking to bring out different flavours

I am so glad to even try out their master recipe and fall in love with the breads. Now I can have fresh-baked breads everyday and don’t have to worry about storing frozen breads in the freezer. You can get their  master recipe at here:

Hope you find it is useful